My stories for younger children range from Timeless Myths and Life Lessons to Quiet Imagery and Poetry, along with some General Fiction/Adventure.

My stories for youth of middle grades and older and my stories for adults often involve some sort of craft/hobby/sport, together with some science or technology, and a moral question.

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Life Lessons
Lorlei Dragon Dance  PDF A young dragon dances her own way and is both dismissed and valued - but never loses her sense of self
The Laughing Rooster  PDF A rooster who laughs? What good is that? Maybe more good than he thinks!
The Rooster Who Forgot  PDF What did the rooster forget?
Cora Shaker, the Jellybean Maker  PDF An inventive older woman deals with ups and downs but never loses her way
Why Knots?  PDF What causes tangles at night? Curious answers and a win-win result.
Kinda, Sorta, Like – You Know  PDF A young girl learns the value of words
The Girl Who Had Too Many Things  PDF A young girl faces bounty and learns about what is enough for her
Timeless Myths
Purple Frog  PDF Doing the right thing, getting noticed and wanting to blend in
The Silver-billed, Duck-billed Platypus  PDF A platypus with a complaint goes on a magical (or not so magical) quest, guided by a wise friend
Dragon Star Teeth  PDF A very short myth about acquiring and balancing different qualities
Word Shadows  PDF A new myth about the origins of some pictographic languages
The Tree of Plenty  PDF What is enough, and when? A young gril has a magical encounter and discovers for herself
Passing the Dance of Harmony  PDF A young girl's rite of passage involves singing her own song and dancing her own dance
Quiet Imagery
Compound Lace  PDF An old woman transfers a lace pattern she sees in a tiny part of nature into crocheted art
Butterfly Breeze  PDF A butterfly and an artist meet briefly
General Fiction and Adventure
The Wonderful Smell of Polyglot Valley  PDF About eating together and speaking together
Speck  PDF A very small clam on a very big journey with a surprising discovery about himself
The Magic Loom  PDF Two girls and their parents on journeys of place and relationship
The Magic Ladder  PDF How does the magic ladder work?
The Starfish and the Strawberry  PDF A quiet, small, beach adventure
Animal Lullabies  PDF Turtles visit animal friends to add new verses to their lullaby
A Nighttime Book for Parents and Children  PDF Peaceful nights for children and adults
Educational Fun
Meet the Shape People  PDF Shape People visit with you and bring you home, showing the shapes and pictures that happen when they play together. What shapes will you see today?
A Penny For Your Life PDF A fifth grader in West Philadelphia and his grandfather are caught up in a grand plan to clean up radioactive oil late draft
Ode To a Lost Friendship  PDF Reflections on a friendship long lost and still mourned
Hanging by A Thread  PDF A modern spy traces the steps of a long lost agent to find an antidote to today's rising level of violence
The Phantom Player  PDF

A star quarterback starts seeing receivers who aren't there....or are they?