Prints can be ordered through my PhotoShelter page
My pictures can be ordered as folded Note Cards.  Minimum order is set of 10 cards with that picture, for $10 plus shipping and handling.   Please send an email to contact me to place an order for cards.  Tell me which picture you would like to have on the card. 


I would be happy to publish my stories in other formats as well. 
In addition, I have offered the following Services as school fundraisers and will provide to the same service to others for a fee:

1.  Pictures as Life Happens

I will walk with you around your home or school or park and take pictures which help you see new things in the everyday.  Great for children, fun for adults too!

2. Personalized Children's Stories

If you let me know the kind of message you would like to give to your children through a story, I will write one for you.  I will send you a questionnaire; if you live nearby and want me to meet the family I will.

3. Readings and author discussions

I will visit classrooms, nursing homes, youth groups, adult groups - let me know what you are looking for.
Contact me to talk about the options.