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Rainbow over dried flowers

dried flowers in a frame are overlaid with a refracted rainbow

My aunt died last summer, and one of the things I received from her home is a clear plastic angled sculpture which refracts sunlight, throwing rainbow patches all over our living room and kitchen area.  They change position as the sun moves throughout the day. This morning I saw one had landed on our wedding bouquet, which we had dried and framed. We just loved how this looked.

Tree Branches - view from inside the trunk

looking upward at hollowed trunk with dead branches outside and inside the trunk

I was on a gentle long, flat walk when I looked up and saw a hollowed out tree trunk with dead branches sticking out, and for the first time saw how branches extend into a tree trunk! From a leverage perspective, this makes sense, but I just have never thought about there being branch mechanics beyond simple strength of material.

The second picture gives a bit more context for the closeup.

Big Bird in Big Back Yard

large bird with brown head and white chest feathers speckled with brown, high in tree, winter

This bird sat high in a tree in our back yard for at least 40 minutes after I first noticed it. Just happy to have had the visitor.

Beach vista or...

frozen water on window looks like beach vista

I just thought it was striking how much some of the ice crystals on our window looked like palms by the beach. Then I noticed the two crystals that looked like birds, and how the edge of the windowpane looked like the edge of the water with waves crashing.

Heart in Tree Trunk

Opening in tree bark is shape of a heart. This photo is a closeup.

We were walking today, and I looked up and saw this beautiful shape way up high in a tree. Wanted to share, especially since the first photo I ever posted was a heart-shaped puddle. I can't remember how the heart shape came to represent the actual heart which has a shape nothing like it. Will have to look that up!

Here is the picture I cropped from, just for perspective: