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Curving icicles

In the most recent of the many recent snows, these dangling icicles developed cool curves.

Saucer in the Fog?

The fog was so beautiful a few days ago, and when I came across this sight I had to find the right angle.  Our field house reminded me of the Jupiter 2 from the old Lost In Space television series.

Such a pretty face on this slug

This little slug was making tracks with several others in the sun on our front lawn last Spring.  I got down on the ground to see things from their point of view, and to see their faces. You'll notice that I have a thing for insect faces, as for other creatures.  I just love the sun and the translucent face, and the way its coloring matches the surroundings.  It looks so friendly, even though so foreign.


Gentle Pea Tendril

I grew vegetables this year for the first time.  One of the first things to come out and say hello were the sugar snap peas, a family favorite.  There was something so gentle and strong and reaching out about this particular pea tendril.