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Beach vista or...

frozen water on window looks like beach vista

I just thought it was striking how much some of the ice crystals on our window looked like palms by the beach. Then I noticed the two crystals that looked like birds, and how the edge of the windowpane looked like the edge of the water with waves crashing.

Heart in Tree Trunk

Opening in tree bark is shape of a heart. This photo is a closeup.

We were walking today, and I looked up and saw this beautiful shape way up high in a tree. Wanted to share, especially since the first photo I ever posted was a heart-shaped puddle. I can't remember how the heart shape came to represent the actual heart which has a shape nothing like it. Will have to look that up!

Here is the picture I cropped from, just for perspective:

Ice Swirls

swirls in ice on top of brown leaves

We walked in the woods near home this morning and saw these swirls in the ice on top of the fallen leaves, just caught my eye. Here are a few more.

Brown Pelicans in flight - feathers!

Brown Pelican one wing outstretched

We spent a week in Aruba last year, and I watched the individual feathers on the wings of brown pelicans flying near the beach. I zoomed in on all these shots, but sometimes there were people near theses birds! I just love the different ways they use their wings and their feet, and in some you can see into their eye.

Frog Skipping

series of round splashmarks on the surface of water leading away from viewer

At the 11th second into the 12th second, a frog skips across the water surface 4 times, leaving spots just like a flat stone was skipped! If you download and freeze it, and just move back and forth across that one second you can see the dots form. That's what I did to get the still photo that goes with this post.