When I was a child, my mother always took sensitive pictures, and my father always told me bedtime stories.  As a parent, I started to write down the stories I told my children at night, and share those stories in their classrooms.  I also like to use a camera to help my children and others see the world in new ways.  We love to zoom in on a seemingly conventional sight - boiling water, raindrops on a windshield, some yarn on a carpet.  Other times, what I see as I go through my day is just too beautiful or interesting not to share - a sunset, a wave, an insect, a leaf, or in those special moments, a pair of laughing elephants!  Friends started to ask me to share my pictures and stories more widely, and this website is my first start at doing just that.

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looking upward at hollowed trunk with dead branches outside and inside the trunk

I was on a gentle long, flat walk when I looked up and saw a hollowed out tree trunk with dead branches sticking out, and for the first time saw how branches extend into a tree trunk!

Posted: June 19, 2022

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Reflections on a friendship long lost and still mourned

Posted: March 12, 2014

I'm in the middle of a few stories. Which should I finish next?

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If you know of a venue which might be appropriate for me to show pictures or read stories, please let me know! Thanks.

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