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Frozen Swirls

First walk of spring(ish) and near our middle school - I was struck by these frozen ripples, which I assume formed as this puddle cycled through freezing and melting and freezing again.








A little further down the road, the water had sharp shapes in it, as well as the swirls!

Crystals or bubbles or amber?

Looks like rocks or bubbles, or maybe amber with little bugs caught in it, right? Not a mystery for long, I just loved the way this Italian salad dressing looked sitting on the table with the dining room overhead light shining through it.  I moved it to the kitchen where I could make the light brighter.  I like the glow.

Here is another view:

Green Whale Skin?

Today I harvested our butternut squash, acorn squash, some new yellow beans and green beans, and three cucumbers.  As soon as I saw the cucumbers under the leaves, I thought wow, that looks just like the skin of a whale, weathered by the sea and with barnacles on it!  

Bubble on Sand

On Cape Cod in Massachusetts this summer, we were fascinated with the bubbles that form after the waves break as the tide was receding.  Some of these bubbles lasted thirty seconds or more, traveling along the thin layer of water that ebbed and swirled.  I had bubbles on my mind, having recently read Lynn Margulis' 1999 book Symbiotic Planet about her theories on the mechanisms supporting the evolution of life from lifelessness, which included lipid bubbles that could have provided a natural container for various components to work together within.


This Robin set up a nest just outside our home.  I took these pictures through the bathroom window. The little ones just sit there with their mouths WIDE open, blind, waiting for food to drop from the sky.  They look like tulips!



Momma bird gets a little upset when we walk out the back door, but she yells at us less and doesn't fly as far away anymore.  She came back to feed them while we were watching from inside.