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Beach vista or...

frozen water on window looks like beach vista

I just thought it was striking how much some of the ice crystals on our window looked like palms by the beach. Then I noticed the two crystals that looked like birds, and how the edge of the windowpane looked like the edge of the water with waves crashing.

Raindrop and frog

Raindrop forms crater-like shape in water; frog head nearby

We have been taking a walk in the woods near our neighborhood most days. Today it was raining and there were lots of great textures. I was captivated by the frogs - will post more of those separately - but really liked this crater-like shape in the upper left as a raindrop hit the water, and the echoes of that as other shapes were mid- or post-formation elsewhere. Also note the frog head to the lower right, poking out of the water.

Light Dashing through Raindrops

If you view the movie below, you will see light which has streamed through raindrops on the windshield of my car and onto a blank page in the book I was reading.




Frozen Swirls

First walk of spring(ish) and near our middle school - I was struck by these frozen ripples, which I assume formed as this puddle cycled through freezing and melting and freezing again.








A little further down the road, the water had sharp shapes in it, as well as the swirls!

Bubble on Sand

On Cape Cod in Massachusetts this summer, we were fascinated with the bubbles that form after the waves break as the tide was receding.  Some of these bubbles lasted thirty seconds or more, traveling along the thin layer of water that ebbed and swirled.  I had bubbles on my mind, having recently read Lynn Margulis' 1999 book Symbiotic Planet about her theories on the mechanisms supporting the evolution of life from lifelessness, which included lipid bubbles that could have provided a natural container for various components to work together within.

Morning droplets

I really love seeing through water droplets.  They are like little luminous globes, and worlds unto themselves, until you realize that what you are seeing is the world upside down through them.  That is worth staring into! I first disovered this years ago when I took a picture of raindrops through the windshield of my car waiting at school pickup, and once I enlarged it realized I was seeing the trees in front of the car.  These water droplets greeted me this morning outside my window.