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Detailed curls

I went for a walk this morning not thinking I would see anything too striking - the sun was not too bright, and spring has not sprung yet.  But I found this curly plant, and I like the little lens reflection artifact that appeared in the picture beneath it, too.







I also saw these beautiful ripples on the surface of the brook nearby.

Shapes under Glass

This is the bottom of a glass pan in which I had just baked a yummy vegan cinnamon crumble, and as it sat on the counter waiting to be washed I noticed the wonderful plethora of tiny shapes the water made under it on the counter and in it.  I took the gray picture with a flash. The shapes reminded me of looking through a microscope at single celled creatures. Baking - rewarding for the observant and the hungry!


The Heart of the Blog

A nice image to start my blog with.  I was visiting my cousin in Maine, and after a rain we took a walk and I saw this heart shaped puddle, reflecting the trees so nicely.  I also liked the light colored leaves confettied around and through it.
My pictures and stories use the skills of my brain, eyes and hands but also instinctive reactions of my heart and gut (no gut-shaped puddles that day though).  Many, but not all, of the things that catch my eye are in nature.  My one promise is that I