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Lily Brain?

We kayaked in a pond where we have done so for the last almost 20 years, and saw something new to us!  Where there are waterlilies growing, we saw grayish blobs floating just under the surface.  When we got closer, we realized they were attached to the lily stems on one side.  If we touched them they dropped and then floated back up.  They felt slimy in the same way as the underside of the lily pads.  They have convolutions just like a brain.  Wild!!

Crystals or bubbles or amber?

Looks like rocks or bubbles, or maybe amber with little bugs caught in it, right? Not a mystery for long, I just loved the way this Italian salad dressing looked sitting on the table with the dining room overhead light shining through it.  I moved it to the kitchen where I could make the light brighter.  I like the glow.

Here is another view:

Saucer in the Fog?

The fog was so beautiful a few days ago, and when I came across this sight I had to find the right angle.  Our field house reminded me of the Jupiter 2 from the old Lost In Space television series.